Monday, April 23, 2012

2012 US Science and Engineering Festival Expo

Go Interview a Scientist!

Hands-on science!
This weekend is the second US Science and Engineering Festival Expo, and it sounds even BIGGER, BETTER and MORE EXCITING than the first! It's important to go if you're considering being a scientist or engineer when you grow up. The main event is in Washington DC and there are satellite events nationwide. Scientists from every discipline will be there. Interviewing these professionals can help you figure out what you can do to have an exciting job.

Here are three questions to get your interview started:

Talking to robots!

  1. What is their job/job title?
  2. What was their major in college?
  3. Which classes were most helpful?

"Shoot for the moon and even if
you miss, you'll
land among the stars"

How to use this Information:

Asking these questions connects jobs with the majors you should consider in college. Knowing which classes are important gives you time to participate in programs that will help you before you go to college, like enrolling in AP programs, so you start college ready to jump into the fun stuff!

If you're an older student nearing college or have just started search for jobs using the "job title" and "college major" information from your interviews. Adding a phrase like "entry level" pulls job postings intended for recent college graduates. This can be done using job posting sections of local and major newspaper websites (New York TimesLA TimesWashington Post), scientific and professional society websites (follow link, search USA on page), and even Craigslist. This way you can see what skills/classes employers want to see. This is valuable information to take to college advisers to get further guidance on tailoring your college curriculum.

Have fun at the expo and believe in yourself!

*all images used with permission from the US National Science and Engineering Festival

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