Monday, September 24, 2012

Changes Changes Changes!

For all two of my readers - thanks for still following! Sorry for the radio silence. I have have been riding the roller coaster of life (looks like this)
Full Disclosure: I am currently obsessed with GIFs!

I have learned a lot, grown a lot, cried a lot and had a lot of time to think about what was important to me. I am happy to report it appears I have weathered the storm. But now the worst has passed and I'm moving forward with some really exciting projects!

After two years of making the case for social media in my office, we were approved to move forward with this project. So I have spent a lot of free time over the past month establishing these tools in our office and defining our place in the social media sphere! It has been fun, but definitely not as easy as I anticipated. (Story of my professional life)

The best part has been getting to work with other individuals throughout the American Meteorological Society, and developing relationships with my coworkers outside of my department. I find I really enjoy this level of engagement and I think they're excited to learn about what we do in the Education Program! 

I'm really excited to start working on developing a media kit. I really hope I'm able to make contacts in the press to get them into our workshops. A lot of the soul searching about being a professional led me to one thought: irregardless of how bad I felt, I still believed with the utmost passion in the mission of the AMS Education Program, and I felt proud to be part of a team that makes such a positive impact in the US Education System!

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